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a French-Canadian, aged 19 years, had suffered from symptoms

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green sheep-skins, Avarm from the slaughtered animal, will some-

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hand, there is a great deal of hurt done. More than

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The fibrinous form frequently results in the formation of more or less

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his death, with Dr. Carl C. Chatterton until 1938. In

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producing plants. To this end, laboratory work in which

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It is, to say the least of it, a strange anachronism

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other aid was resorted to. Very different diagnoses were given by those who

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white, cheesy deposits, which give off a fetid and often dis-

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example, if a family left Florida where they had lived for

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suture to the size of a dime, while above and below the

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week. Patients able to pay for treatment are admitted at

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constitutes the femoral ring which is bounded internally by the base

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which for the last twelve years he said he had regarded as his sheet-

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operations, and the fact that vagiual hysterectomy is

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education; that he has studied medicine and surgery three full

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identifying problems involving patient care and nurse-physi-

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Arterial obstruction arising from syphilitic periaiteritis and end-

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pellicle is left behind which sufficiently protects the parts, besides

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ning. It is idle, therefore, for their advocates to claim that they have been

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[9] Whitfield. Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., 1911-12, v (Derm. Sect.), p. 119.

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first or second day. As a rule the appetite is lost, though this is not invari-

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but it is also hard to disprove this. It is known, however,

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these fifteen cases in which the treatment was mixed, I defer

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Treasurer and for the current expenses of the Branch.

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as regards his personal health, and also to the com-

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cerned, not only the wounded men who die on the field, or while

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II. Dissociation curve of hemoglobin dissolved in 7% NaCl

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Many writers emphasize especially the favorable influence of antitoxin

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the whole secret, and consequently received most of


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