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soda. There is a persistent acidity of the stomach which will curdle
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six years was sick with fevjer at the same time. My
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lungs with blood owing to a straightening out of the capillaries in the
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Local papers containing reports or ne ivs items should be marked.
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culosis and has therefore to be used with caution there
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gaged by the degree of ureteral dilatation and appearance of the
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cases. For the paralysis itself electricity has been found useful.
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Case I. Mrs. a woman of forty has been under my car
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of useful knowledge. Investigation after all is always a voluntary
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B. All cases included in which treatment was completed.
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veins are situated within the confines of the lesion and this will be
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Amalgam of Gold. Gold one part melt in a clean ladle
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a quorum and for altering the Constitution fifty members shall be
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of Children s Diseases Dr. H. Augustus Wilson Professor of Ortho
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the spinal column.. s the head is brought baik in tills extension
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as a matter of course. Until then an undisputed half of the
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Engorged and tortuous retinal veins enlarged papillae and optic neur
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and half an inch in thickness with an aperture in the
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a full dose of morphine should be given after which
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ing up from the pubes to near the umbilicus. A clamp holding


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