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said in his criticism of Koplik's work, osteomyelitis more

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on December 11, 1880, he had inoculated two rabbits with the saliva of a boy dead,

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:gas in the intestines, a puncture of the colon at the level of the

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over and around the electrode to protect the clothing and other

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the cord through the vertebral branches, then traverse the inferior cervical

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While repeating the above experiment, it is necessary to remem-

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management, they would at once adopt it, for in almost

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been a cause of surprise to me that the method I am now to de-

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for the testing of all errors of refraction dies hard. There are still

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tion or of the intensity seen in epinephrin sensitive individuals.

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the various fashionable watering-places in the country.

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bullet of the converted Enfield breech-loader was lowered still

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cause of apoplexy, or even supposing it the commonest exciting

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recently been cast upon the antiseptic powers of iodo-

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the differential diagnosis of internal strangulations or occlu-

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(c). Hydrochloric acid is as a general rule 1 almost if not entirely

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This of course is not by any means a new treatment. I sim-

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features of the disease. Unna describes the changes in the skin as a spastic

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private practice. There was no doubt that a maternity

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left or right auricle, but never in the right ventricle.

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in certain places at the end of 1859 and in 1860. From the local

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a number of arguments in its favor.-" But the theo-

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