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disinfected and the abscess opened. A thick creamy pus was expressed.
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quantity of mycelium of the same description, this extending
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Medicate de Paris, for March 3d. The method employed by M.
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Secretary, Dr. J. E. McLaughlin, States- Lincoln County Society — President, Dr.
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the disease shows any tendency toward ''^S^s of twenty and thirty nearly 10 per
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By Edward Curtis Hill, M.S., M. D., fully justified. We heartily commend the
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infusions, give only the most fallacious results ; and such a mode
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any other disease of cattle, although the enlarged, dark spleea
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in the same posture throughout the whole period, had she not
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cess had by no means reached the torpid Marked infiltration with crusts and fissures
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experiments, being sLxty-six per cent. The bromide of potassium
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seven of the other cases it was injected in the same manner as
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and compresses under the nose, and tied it tightly on the back part
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on the lungs seems, from its effects, to be especially directed to the
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the fermentation tube is approximately as i :2. The reaction of the liquid
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detect the faintest traces of alcohol, either in breath, urine, or
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inasmuch as some of the most characteristic salts of the sea
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tites ; 4th, immobility ; 5th, atrophy of the muscles ; 6th, injury
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saline solution into the uterine cavity, or even into the vagina,
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