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Amantadine Hydrochloride For Dogs

Dr Stewart Nairne showed a CANCEROUS uterus which he had

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avoided, for it is infinitely better for the patient to lose a few ounces of

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of this new mode of treatment The nitrate of silver ought to act as

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reduction in the prevalence of small-pox and other infectious

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not strictly analogous, but in which local disease had

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mation. It seems to me there is practically a unanim-

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but, as the finer tubes become involved, it has more of a stridulous,

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rhea. Special attention is given to the water supply, food, and flies.

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lar questions should be considered and discussed by the

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cated animals. A certified re])ort to the Agricultural

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fication midway between these two, namely, " Criado sistema mixto,"

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we possess. It is reliable, quick, and may be depended upon to penetrate

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about one-third of an inch in length, by one- fourth of

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tion of gum acacia on blood volume were observed. No differences

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fibers which come into close relation with the seat of

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this very fatal fever, there sets in an eruption which is the second or

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these substances, notwithstanding their mixture, will still maintain

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