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the thermometer. In the course of the disease, however, the pulse becomes

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when the pulse was full and strong, and obvious sanguineous determination


Alhertini and Brigatti's — as the lesions -were of the nature of tumours

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which does not disregard the sexual element present

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are we to say of the transmission of variations in constitution ?

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o'clock. Let him have a blister on the neck, arm and leg —

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try, to pay for its removal and utilization ; he therefore favored its

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carried down to a depth of one hundred and ten feet, when it

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gastric tumors, compared with resection alone. The ben-

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laden materials from that mother's system for its existence

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afraid that a long time must elapse before the public in a free

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repose. Our eyes are irritated by artificial and impure light ; our

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avoid the fatal results of erroneous treatment most par-

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locality are generally of a remittent or intermittent type, and are apt to return

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attention of internists and cardiologists with considerably

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discomfort excepting that produced by pressure from

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dissemination of the bacilli. According to the experiments of

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