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piness to all. The day is rapidly coming when a home without a

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tests in trying to differentiate between five similar cultures from

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water deviates from this so will it pass into the other

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are particularly fine. In the specimen presented by Mr. Boot of

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from arteries before the sides of the vessel ate united. I

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self if not completely cured at least in a state of relative

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as there are in the sound state no sufficient barriers to prevent

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such cases may be said to be also eligible for vocational

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warty and covered with small tubercles which secrete ai gt

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The proper performance of all the bodily functions is of prime

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misplaced internal ring and considers that the interstitial sac is

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on record. Ross in an historical introduction mentions that he

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ness headache faintness and an apparent tendency to con

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mural thrombi in the heart chronic adhesive pleurisy chronic

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proportion of haematin globulin iron and fat entering into the

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this series of questions was propounded in the spring and summer

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and carbolic acid. The department in Bleecker Street

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to spring from the under side of the middle or upper side of

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lar efforts capable of lacerating the diaphragm and

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Treatment In general the treatment consists in destroying and

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covered sufficiently to be discharged from the surgical

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came apparent that the patient was hopelessly lost without a

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in all affections in which there is an increase of nervous vascular

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under other circumstances. We have to do with circumscribed exuda

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body should be practised once or twice daily so as not to

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fingerbreadths above the point of the olecranon and both epicondyles

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cause for the appearance since the nodule was surrounded by healthy tissue.

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at first employed Loeffler s methylene blue applied with heat and

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APPENDIX C Frofesslonal AssocTaSfon Advisoty Councils

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lation had existed for two days before admission. Temperature F.

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by a couple of strips of adhesive plaster after the vaccination.

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In the stomach the larvae attain their full size about

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their patience is exhausted and they cease to come. The assertion

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patient soon dies of exhaustion or pyaemia but this latter termination

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the lips and adjoining parts of the mouth pass to the lymph

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pparently the access of bacteria still caused suppuration. This

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and rendering it injurious to health. These rules have no reference to cubic

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actly nith those shown upon the chart by the index bar.

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unbroken uniformity of surface will indicate a steady and unchang


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