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Tripp. — In San Jose, Cal., on Monday, June 2d, Dr.

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the patient's spirits returned, and a general renovation taken

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to supervise relief work in those countries. Previous

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they were amongst those in whom the remaining stages of labour

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applied here is not scientifically accurate. It was to

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State made endowments or contributed to the means and de-

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or are strangled accidentally. Medical jurists have entered largely

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leaders in the rehabilitation work will come to the

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tis," whose quaint Latin rhymes were familiar in the mouths of

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(Pri'ssc mcdicalc, February 20, 1919) rej)ort fifty-

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Monday, April sist. — Blockey Medical Society ; Medical

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phylaxis, that is hypersensitiveness or hypersuscep-

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of April, 1834, from a building two stories high. Dr. Paul found

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availed himself of all the sources which he could command, to make

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oscillation, &c. are treated of with the hand of a master.

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ing, lactic acid and Bcas-Oppler bacillus present or

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practitioner could meet with a case where by great exertion he

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* " Education and the State," an address delivered at the Thirty-first annual

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membrane; the employment of turpentine in iritis and inflammation

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the word is here used. It is an expressive term and

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in a Pharmacopoeia ; what are the principles upon which it

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(Permission to publish qii'cn by the Surgeon General.

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changes ; the formation of fibrous tissue, a struc-

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role, as determining the individual's reaction to cer-

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always exhibit a congested state of the lungs and of the vessels at

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quite extraordinary, and appeared to be such as could be only

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from either the cutis or cuticle, or as the peculiar deposit of the co-

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{Prcsse medicalc, January 2, 1919 1 report the case

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on pressure, is almost invariably found ; that such tenderness



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