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men of South Africa are said also to be, for the greater
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we first of all receive with the cerebral cortex and then practice with
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deeply into the abdomen, hard and soft portions of the
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is afforded by the following points : The head can be felt anteriorly
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Has had much petit-mal, increasing in frequencj^ — of late almost daily.
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from twelve guineas to £1000. The permission to practise,
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severe symptoms of diabetes, such as polydipsia and polyuria, are not suffi-
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One day, under a pressure of 1.8 atmosphere, he worked
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oxygen and producing carbonic acid, is, in all probability, strictly
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reported in favor of the organization of such league, and recommended
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contraction of ulcerative processes in the pharynx may close the mouth of
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4. Of the State Asylum of South Carolina, for the year 1860.
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but the eyes were quite free from any icteric tint. The quantity
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"muscular depravity, the result of a constitutional syphilitic
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Apparent Cause. — Exposure to cold during work. Right hand
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number, have recently been organizing for their winter's
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he has to form, to determine the relation this irritation will sus-
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to actually do something medicinally for the patient rarely comes
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symptoms present. In these pages will be considered, first, those
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febrile disorders — thefretfulness, the unrest, i He survived his admission sixteen days,
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scopy, with facilities for teaching thirty at once, if neces-


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