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of producing an immediate effect, has been swallowed." — Ibid, T. R. B.
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both In that citj and throughout most parts of the Ottoman dominions. In 1854-
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questions but with great efforts. The tongue was moist and white.
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reason for denying him humane treatment. It ought to
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in that of individuals labouring under colica pictonum. Chevallier failed
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and the too abundant secretion of mucus, is the most favourable to the nutrition
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by marsh miasm have their origin in a disorganized state of the blood; but
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arises, for the most part after a longer or shorter interval of heating,
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he comes to the unlooked-for conclusion that though alcoholic
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into pouches of considerable size, so that when she swallows fluids, they
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were of the quotidian type. In eight the type was not definitely known,
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formed upon them. He divides his book into twelve chapters,
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is available. Certainly it would be folly and worse to
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per-centage, but they are based on observations in cases of an
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one of the indirect, but certain causes of epidemics, of fevers, and of other dis-
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follow Sir J. Simpson's practice in exhibiting chloroform ; and to
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nation. The mucous membrane of the stomach was dark brown, between
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if it did, the garlic smell would be wanting. Raspail accepted the chal-
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granule or prominence representing the healthy tissue that
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of the police or prosecuting attorney to the breach of lai
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little doubt; and how far in such cases the surgeon would be justified in giving
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the viscera, after they have been well dried, with pure, concentrated nitric
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lining ensues in certain cases, and, owing to the diminu- V
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the surgeon says, the disease was prevalent on shore. But no
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entire body, weak rapid heart action, collapse, and, in a
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Active and even advanced tuberculosis may be present
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He mentions the following curious instance of the deviation of a bullet. In
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surgical allies, who, in their turn, are much interested in the
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delirium tremens, congestion of the brain, apoplexy, particularly the serous,
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Of the first century of observations, the diseases in individuals of the second
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recorded accelerated; in four, the tongue coated: in Jive, the tongue furred;
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clusive arguments against operative interference in injuries of
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leads to recovery, but not unfrequently results in death, is rup-
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which traversed the septum. The internal surface of the heart was red, and in
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viously. In both the latter cases the fright of the accident may
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loose texture of the prepuce, though in the larger growths I have generally
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vessel is, in its onward distribution amoug the tubules, to pressure
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well known that these infections become more and more
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