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The following instances demonstrate the susceptibility of adults to

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Microscopic Examination. — As stated at the outset of the paper, no case

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cation of our records as from a' theatrical tendency to

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hausting the root a large amount of lime is extracted hj the

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Fred Drew, Richard F. Chase, Elliott P. Joslin, Franklin W.

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" Public health in its later developments has realized

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carried out, but about six times a month has been the attendance. At this date was as-

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term care services, especially nursing homes, are supposed

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The method of performing the experiments, at St. George's

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their families, and for the active scientific and business interest t^ken

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tobacco, rolls up the cigarette very adroitly, and, having found his match

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of the vaso-constrictor nerve." (A. E. Brotherhood, D. O.,

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she will break out with an attack of hives very soon

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epizootica, and murrain, or foot-and-mouth disease.

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convulsions, are not unusual effects of the ardent sufferings en-

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sists in (1) keeping the patient warm; sible massaged into the sac. In a large

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oozing from the large muscular surface divided, can

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ourselves to the following short hints. The presence of hemiplegia

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extremely rare. And we further incline to the opinion, that

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Dr. Edward Francis Brady, in an article entitled Epilepsy (Hospital Bulletin

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cases sinuses developed respectively 11 months and li years

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the stump open for the first two or three days, packing

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ceptionally the pulse is small and feeble. The face is frequently flushed, and,

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read J?a gastlice J?earfan, 4 J>a sibsume, 6 J?anne ytemeste

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4 cc. injected according to the age and size of the individual. Ten

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highest skill, and not knowledge which could be acquired in

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dehrium, or epistaxis. The drinking of water should be encouraged,

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in about 16 per cent, of cases in which the presence of

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of pneumonia, and it was condemned as ''untenable."

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toid Cases." Of twenty-five cases of mastoid congestion

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some portion of their patients, while those who wait till a case is

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knows, — and, if such be the case, it certainly cannot fail

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father's family. On the 31st I visited her, and the

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in about nnc-twentietli of Uiose proving fatal. It is generally

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blundering, his failures are landmarks of experience

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Bacillus welchii differs fundamentally by its characteristic stormy

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Barton, like the two blades of a pair of scissors — conjoined they may be

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occur in early life ; they are often multiple in character,

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only exhibited isolated cases." Temperature, the dry-

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draws the following conclusions, which are of interest " :

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As will l»e sern. tlif (|iiotati<>ii.H an- made from some

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sician, even if he be unusually sensative, can interpret as an attempt to

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