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may be in the highest degree, in which no organisms have been separated,

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A. de I'l. P. ix. 189"), May. -51. Metschnikoff. B. M. J. 31st Jan. 1891, and

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grouped together, and do not occupy much more than an acre of ground.

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Trans. Epidem.. Soc. London, vol. iv. p. 446.-43. J. F. Payne. "On the Epidemic

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from the toes to the groin with a flannel bandage, and the hip and knee

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1889 (gives extensive bibliography). — 10. Huter. Grundrifss der Chlrurgie, ?'.

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subject, it is interesting to find that the quantity of serum required for

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that may be — which it contains; and the smaller the dose of serum

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ipecac., is quite common in this county, and <^ is iound along fences and

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and placed in a blanket, with another over him. A long cradle is then

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mycetes or Sprouting Fungi, III. Schizomycetes or Cleft Fungi. Others

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Immunity: — Besides the larger text-books the following special papers may be con-

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complications may occur during convalescence, the patient cannot be

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only be undertaken by women with general as well as special nursing

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exclusively caused by these pyogenetic organisms. In the cervical and

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tions on which Behring's law has been tested in the laboratory. To

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organ : or, among malignant new formations, the melanotic sarcomata

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able, though with more exertion, to see objects that were enclosed in

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and cord, and further that it penetrates still more deeply along the

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of the State, are present at these meetings, which are of importance to

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Drs. Martin and Huchard. This occurs in certain cases of arterio-

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The seventh European invasion of 1891-95 is remarkable for the

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ductive of much benefit. Four or five small meals may be taken in the

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hardier cases ; Torquay and Queenstown are relaxing, but well suited to

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full supply of cruciferous vegetables is advisable."

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the twenty-four hours. Teissier recommends besides, that four enemata

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