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endeavor to somewhat understand how Nature seems to main-
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and myself and the fluid of a semi-purulent nature could be
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tinuous negative pressure accomplished by a fairly large orifice.
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And finally in reference to etiology it only remains to note
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vastly improved in its technique, which prevents leakage of the
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which it was intended to lend. The federal prescription blank
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immersion and good illumination. All sections from this spleen pre-
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guillotine is advised as the best instrument for operation, and it
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Miss M. M., a thin, nervous little lady, came to me two months ago
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the patients ; next, the changes under treatment and their relation to
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author states that all the cases of this disease, Kobner's alone excepted,
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venules of origin. Again, after a hearty meal, and during the
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LiNDFORS, in a monograph on this subject (abstract in Centralblatt fiir
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culosis even to the extent of producing anatomical pulmonary changes.
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supply of the drug and keeping it up, and when the raids were
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sions. (4) The final perforation of the gut from gangrene caused
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by outdoor life, and full ventilation of the room. To some ex-
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spread to the testis, thigh, or perineum, and to be associated with tenesmus
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desire it and who will pay the premiums ( not for the benefit of less
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mations. Except in Cases 10, 11, and 12, the symptoms did not cor-
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