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to depress, then to exhaust, and then to overwhelm ; and as

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man must be a person of leisure in order to take it.

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the employment of inhalations of nascent ozone in the

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ordered infusion of gentian and nitro-nmriatic acid ; when

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and look them over and see what we can find in them.

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The accounts that I have quoted of the microscopical examination of

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trying to pattern after Dr. Absher and I have been giving talks which I

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The disease may occur on any part of the body, but is more usual

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and tractability of the two forms differ ; but the first, if not >

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or some preparation of malt will also be found useful.

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ve included gastric distress, allergic response, ataxia, and euphoria,

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gazing at Xenocrates and Pamphilus, the very authors against

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because I thougiit it very manifest that her health was suffering from

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Including reports by regular observers and by others,

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will decide upon their own method of treatment, and

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and the third and least important, or least difficult to

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the value of the specific gravity of the urine as a

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tion of the ossicular chain only remain, the former often

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five cases of fever (typhus, typhoid or enteric, scarlatina,

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home from school, with his older aster and other chil-

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when the articular surfaces are ap])roximated. Greatest

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figure, however, did not represent two-thirds of the actual

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317; 12 illustrations. New York: George H. Doran Company,

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Art. 19. — On the Different Therapeutic Indications of Rheumatism and

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pulmonary mucous membrane, and by inducing internal congestion. This

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result of nervous exhaustion, she can neither sleep nor eat, becomes full

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(J. W ) I A sketch of some of the changes in ophthalmic

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corded cases showed not a single case under fourteen or over seventy years

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Cabbage Paper. Make a strong infusion of red cabbage


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