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cerebro-spinal ganglionic masses ; we are not justified by the experiments of physiologists

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possessing a Surgical qualification only, will be admitted to a

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ever, to give domiciliary treatment, and to make the

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Jean Senac,'*' in his celebrated and unsurpassed treatise on the '^ Hidden Nature and

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vcrst.-Ztg., Beil.. 1899, v, 207. — Orahdcleiiient. Les

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through, one after another, then, as these planes diverge in the

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suddenly supervening upon phthisis, with those of abscess or septic menin-

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have not only revolutionized the theories of inflammation, but have tended to fms-

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should be sectioned with reference to these subjects on the basis of cer-

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Hand-hook of Materia Medica, Pharmacy and Therapeutics.

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tained, the patient's body acting as a counter-extend-

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John Dudgeon, M.D., CM., Glasgow, Scotland, 1862, died

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cient in vitality. Consider, for instance, the low grade of human

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so on. In the case of females the secretion seems to be

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Medical Association. — This association will hold its

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School, during the past six courses of instruction, as affording undoubted evidence of its

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tlie production ot this first g^eneration from the Distoma^ and

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tion was issued at Leipsic, an Italian at Milan, a French at

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cases from the various organs of the body. 4. That the micro-organ-

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a paper to a joint meeting of the Philadelphia County

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way seeds ; and when these are well mixed, add the eggs, which

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and the communication by Halsted/ published in 1885,

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and in the form of '* tuberdulous dust," as the British La7icet

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ples of the introduction of foreign bodies into the air-passages,

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The first of these changes — namely, enlargement of pre-existing cells — is

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From the incomplete experiments performed it would appear that

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We caution people not to cut salt out altogether, but

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Bartholow, Materia Medica (1880), p. 44, simply quotes tlie

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are, on the part of the parents, which determine this predisposition in


The air of the bell-jar is then progressively exhausted so

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S. Fleet Speie. — P. F., aged sixteen years, factory -boy, was

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102. Pus in the Peritoneal Cavity. — ^The method of treat-

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These symptoms, considered together, we would call by a certain name,

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ache, rapid pulse, and loss of appetite are among the earlier

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round in the stable, and supply him with food by means of a

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for nearly three years; that in the atypical caaes benefit resulted in

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more especially during the process of digestion. It is desirable to limit,

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that these aggregations frequently make an excellent

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appeared a new symptom — pain in a fixed p^rt of the

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important event has been allowed to slip away. I had

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on the 21st day. The tumour was long in absorbing, and the

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cosuria follow repeated malarial attacks, and that sometimes office-

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