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the special injury, were extreme. A very remarkable case was fresh in

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is attributable, in different cases, to cold ; to injury of various kinds ;

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"thin partitions" are the two states ^'-^P'"-''.*"Vl, 'TtW

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tion anatomique. [Abstr.] Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc.,

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determination of the function of the Suprarenal Capsules and of their

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line (r r) passing obUqnely through the centre so that its nasal extremitj

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dryness of the Colorado climate, the term of pregnancy is apt to-

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ing under dyspepsia, and in whom the derangement appears to be li-

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action of the heart weak. Peritonitis is finally developed by contigu-

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the skin is unnaturally dry. These phenomena disappear with the

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father, Samuel McDowell, was a man of note and influ-

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hour of need. No stronger argument has ever been made in behalf

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cies. The inquest was to the effect that the deceased

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and Physician to the Hospital, vacant by the resignation of Dr. Elliotson.

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toms of that disease that kidney lesions could not be definitely diag-

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scribed by Cruveilhier; and then descending the oppo-

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normal growth of bone, formation of sound teeth and jaws, and good

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own experience, he often felt regret at the thought of some

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conjunction of the microscope with chemistry, — processes which are

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tions, the excision of the neck of the womb has hitherto

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It should be remembered that this table is not given with the

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** "Deutseh. med. Wochenschr.," Berlin, 1877, Bd. iii, S. 294.

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4. Do we always find that, during congestion of the

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besides pregnancy in which I know it to occur is in early infant life.

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spondents write to say that the Jefferson Medical Col-

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turies, up to the sixteenth, not a single work of any special


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