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ventions, which they possessed centuries before the Europeans,
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festation of lack of restraint of functional activity in
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and progressive, the working costs must be fairly high, and the man
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and early pains of cholera. In time of cholera they
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late Senior Resident Surgeon to Pennsylvania Hospital.
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and forty-nine per cent, in total strength. These were
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dark underside of shelves in cellar storerooms, so close together that
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mountains, bearing brownish-purple flowers in May or June.
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well versed in the management of the caustic, and should be &miliu
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It seems to me that we have enough data at hand and the subject
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of the diagnostic and treatment problems, but because
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AmAie-lee-Baine, Hyires, Cannes, Nioe> Menton.) Pur JULU Sdxovd
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ing that it was completely eliminated from this pa-
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Paget recommends, instead of incision, the application of a piece
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case failed to I'eveal the presence of any air in the heart, the
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or even be said to merge imperceptibly into the chronic parenchymatous
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lono^ enouLih to reach some little distance out of the nostril,
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7. De anima 10 (ed. with Introduction and Commentary byJ.H. Waszink [Amsterdam:
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enlargement of the veins, and the redness are very ranch
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I have used the term " paralytic pyrexia " to denote the state of
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care is accounted for as a part of the physician's own
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It often happens that patients deceive themselves by inat-
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Med. Jour., states that a troublesome leucorrhea in the majority
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to supplement his official salary of £150 or £200 with the
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the centre of a loaf would be exposed for a short time
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In hyperplasia new anatomical elements are generated, but without any
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chorii. In a way that was to be expected, for hydatid mole is
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value of recognizing very early secondary syphilis in the throat by a very faint
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for the assumption that the greater number of cases of mental disease
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forming the coiled portion of the sweat-glands, either as to the number of the
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the title: "Functional Ophthalmoplegia with General
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not surprising that in olden times, when every conceivable
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exudate characteristic of lobar pneumonia would be expected to
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of the asthenic state— it is habitually soft and readily compressi-
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methylene, and coal-gas. When a batcher kills an animal in the usual way,
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for the treatment of phthisis ; and I trust his plan of
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supplied by the third nerve shows that the seat of disease is the crus cerebri.
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by a suspensory. Such a dressing, the author stated, meets
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cancerous tumour possessed a very considerable elevation. At
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time. The prognosis is serious, if only by reason of the cause of the
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of the various forms of hernia, equal, if not exceed one-tenth
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puscles, the Tallquist scale for the percentage of hemo-
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Dr. E. W. Bartlett: Dr. Reynolds has spoken of the action
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to be a good deal of rigidity on the part of the patient in
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Harm may come from forcing the meat diet when it produces gastro-intestinal
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