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upon infection of mere scratches of the skin, because it can survive dry-

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irrigator, for, however active the diarrhea, this measure will allow

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He was examiner in Materia Medica at the Royal College

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they could be traced. He would have a statement on the

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A false dyspnea develops, which is not due to embarrassment either

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dren. Last summer, in June and July, a grave remained

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Hutton, Esq., and of Mrs. Hutton of Kelvinside Gardens, Glasgow.

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stridor on inspiration. But the same inflammatory irritation, wherever

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Hambceg is now supplied exclusively with filtered water ;

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no bile passes into the intestine. The stools, therefore, are gray-drab

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of a case of acute Hodgkin's disease. Drs. ii. M. Campbell,

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offering a bonus for an introduction that will secure for me an ap-

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As to the course of the vesicles when once they had formed,

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toms of a bad cold. The rash first appears as minute pimples at the

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which in a large number of cases, along wnth perfect rest, suffices to cure

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in Ireland will take place on Saturday, June 3rd, at 3 p.m.,

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General Medical Council not to countenance boycotting on

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The Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem,

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These are frequent in the body of the uterus, and may occasion no in-

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blood-stained urine was passed per urethram; the stitches

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time of onset is the latter part of the night or early morning, when the

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seems, be no answer if the principal were summoned for not

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the statement recently made by an eminent authority to the

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aged 67. The exact amount taken I have unfortunately bf en

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Branch numbered nearly 1.200— a considerable increase upon

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patients was that the indulgence in red meats, especially beef, was

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foot, and three more on the toes. On the hands there were-

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Hospital, and in preparing the notes 1 have been greatly assisted by the

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Fig. 15.— Eft'ect of barium nitrite on frog's heart, 1 in 2,000 and 1 in

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