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" walking the hospitals" is a thing of the past, and, instead, the
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1979, Ohio State University; M.D. 1982, University of
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may have either abolition of the sense of position and passive move-
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took place, and he died of the latter about six months after.
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67.2 per cent of the total services allowed. Medical
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sleep. It includes all grades, from simple restlessness to total loss of
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good shelter can be made by erecting rough sheds or
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feeding excessive constipation, leading frequently to a general upset,
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by inserting in the twelfth line, after the word " animals," the words "and any
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Bride, and said that his attention was first called to
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be prepared by decomposing bleaching powder with dry
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but I still believe that some American readers would get the idea that
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doubts of the unconvinced who can never have an opportunity of
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towns and cities. Their gravity is shown in the fact that one-half are
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mology as in dermatology the specialist took particular pride in an apprecia-
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deviation from the normal or healthy condition is a great
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of muscles. He did not stop painting when the paralysis came on but
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both of which death took place, and no local cause of
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are present in the zona glomerulosa of the suprarenal cortex and scat-
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physician to tell his patient at the very outset that he has tubercle,
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matology, making room, in fact, as he does in the above list, for every
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of distal ligature, no inflammation has occurred. M r. Guthrie's other objection
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this disease is of comparatively modern date, still we have no justi-
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their age in round numbers, thus a person of 59 will give 60 as
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slight epithelial changes, (4) cases with marked cedema and
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a number of ligaments and also muscles. The bones of
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breathing, a timely stimulating emetic, such as carbonate of
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Perhaps the most curious condition is that in which a certain note is heard
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mortified and slousfhed off, leaving the patient completely freed
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vegetal)les on gouty deposits, and the value of certain
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fession, whose success is made dependent upon an intelligent con-
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left facial paralysis, and at the last of the month an
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