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After death there may be rapid extension of the subcutaneous emphysema,
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the operation, and which probably affect the cerebellar peduncles. At
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medicine may be thrown into the rectum that may be taken
valium is quite toxic when ingested with
' Des Grossesses Exlra-uterioes, «t plus vpe^cMlment de leur trnitement par la Gas-
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shillings. The adhesive plaster is the most indispensable item ;
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The meteorological record for the week ending May 28, in Boston, was as follows, according to observations furnished
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the war between England and France the discovery was later in
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ment of pneumonia, my experience has furnished abundant evidence
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Hon. Lieut, and Q.M. Mr. H. Skuce, 8th August, 1919.
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tendency to faint. Some patients complain of neuralgic pains. The
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nisms, the monads, are the agents of this infection, and both parties believe
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distilled water, 2 pints. Boil to a pint, and straiu.
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she obeyed no one. She was always in great spirits. In four
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fix it in about a minute. If pain follows the insertion, it can be
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tion of the Ankle-joint ;" "Typhoid Fever;" and " Pla-
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rest of my personal property, whether it be in my own hand, or
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direction of the brigade surgeon, at the nearest points in rear of the
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may have either abolition of the sense of position and passive move-
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remedy in haemorrhoids and prolapsus of the bowels. The leaves appear
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to the thickened pleursB and the residua of the hemorrhagic exudation.
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concentration of dextrose than that of normal animals when the
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country. By 1896 the population was 6,000 and for some years, until after 1900,
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"A far-reaching memory, or reproductive faculty, we must
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centuries, and compare their semeiologies or astiologies with those
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Thomas W. Fry, U.S.Y., Sni>erinundeot of Hospitals at New Albany,
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in which the careless or filthy habits of the milkers,
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very much better. The myxedematous appearance was quite gone. The skin
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that persons who long take the medicine have their skins discolored,
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may carry the bacilli past most of the ordinary defences.
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for five or six days, and nutrient enemata resorted to.
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members our brotherhood, when placed on the stand for
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immediate neighbourhood of the apparent limits of the wound, it
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