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poison almost entirely from admixture with albuminous material, and as this

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Starved fleas died within a week, while those fed on human blood

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There can be no question about the disability which may follow

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disclosed the fact that the hairs on the husband's clothes were from his

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I cannot resist placing side by side the phenomena which we

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Sir — Your correspondent, Dr. Raymond, of Michigan, pro-

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in analyzing cell states is to make a survey to determine the

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of the discussions they have elicited has been equally

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neurologic complications and, in general, have per-

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as a complication is extremely rare; that it may exist and not be recognized

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encystment ; two chromatoidal bodies ; 7 by 10 microns. (8) Small mononucleate

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scientific relationship with those cases in which specific micro-organisms

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relieved from post in February with a chill in the night, which he sup-

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Hobart Place, had quickly reached the patient, and had

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Fourth Disease. There has been a considerable amount of discussion

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here be remarked that there is a widespread feeling that

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rapid cultural method dispensing with the use of these animals is now

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in this respect. We have experienced no difficulty in keep-

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five years of age, every effort should be made to put off infection until after

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such are a soft, silky coat of thick, furry hair (in winter),

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Musgrave and Clegg state that it may occur temporarily in the

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upon the outward passage, and arriving home at length, re-

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3. The hands are immersed for one to two minutes in a warm saturated

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within the last two decades, considerably increased.

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Rockies, Coeur d'Alene is a town of 25,000, a center of

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sent, and even when it is the dominant feature early in the attack, it

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just. It lies at the very foundation of our most treas-


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