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Section of Tomok, Case II. Note encapsulation; stroma cHusIng nodular
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the capitellum; fracture of the fifth metatarsal by inversion, 734.
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popular work of its kind ever published in America or
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Tilt' specimen removed consisted of an irregular mass
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of ankle joint, etc. The bad result was the fracture of
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researches, so that at his return in the spring of 1869 he
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8. Poncet: Abstract Centralbl. f. Krank. d. Ham. & Sex. Org.,
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An example of the difficulties encountered in sanitary
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under proper conditions of light and temperature. With
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of enzymol used morning and night after having first
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tion of air, as has been advised,, is not necessary
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ant growth the si^e of the fist. Scarcely any motion
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in solutions of 1-2,000 strength for all drinking purposes
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quite evident, however, that infection per se is not
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■H'eber Ilaiill^kcit, Localisation nnd AuslioUunjidiTTuberculosc,
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a triennial congress, to allow one more year to intervene.
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cannot attain, and as time goes on Dr. Kee may be able
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navy he has no actual rank, but enters with the rel-
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for the I'oliklinik and also for lecturing purposes; a dark
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corpuscles, 5,132,000; white corpuscles, 18,580; small
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whooping cough, erysipelas, fevers and consumption) 72(i,
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ests of all concerned that a special genito-urinary
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18; stomachal and intestinal derangements and affections of the fauces,
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om- normal hygienic factors affecting the intestine
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ischio-rectal region, and, fearing an ischio-rectal
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larger supply of iodothyrin is needed in the pregnant
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of lower centers controlled, or inhibited, by higher
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tion to the rank of staff-siu-geon in 1S53. After that
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playing that exuberance of resource for which that re-
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there is in medicine'. To-day, as never before, ex-
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directly up from the opening in the bladder, it was carried
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She entered the medical side in July, 1902, suffering


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