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the surface of the timior often have a tendency to ulcer-

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if skilfully applied, and cautiously operated with (as they always should

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on "Injuries to. Peripheral Nerves," in which a case

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regenerated in time, with possibly more or less hypertrophy

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erysipelas, namely, external injury, contagion, and mental uneasiness; the

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nearly protruded from their sockets, and surrounded by the red, swollen ana

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occurred in 1 in 9.77 cases ; of these 1 in 2.81 proved fatal. Where it did

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cases of intestinal dyspepsia. 6. Neurasthenia intestinalls.

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side, or some flexible wood splints may be used as ap-

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the importance of the cultivation of your powers of

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a spray three or four times daily. As the result, she

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Chest. — Right side moves, on respiring, more than left. Percussion —

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mal, both macroscopically and microscopically. In the 1079

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'' Of these two hundred and sixteen re-vaccinated, eleven went through

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with advanced sepsis or tubercular disease in other re-

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the body are now filled, the lower ligature is tightened, the tube removed,

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patient — suppression of the baths, which are replaced by the

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family aspect of syphilis, the non-sexual kind, that I think I

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bis present duties, will relieve Major H. S. Kllbourne, surgeon

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the others. No definite conclusions, however, can be drawn,

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excitement; pain in the head; confused vision; tinnitus aurium; great bear-

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off; these varied in size from that of a pipe-stem to double the size ; one of

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On the 9th of March, a favourable subject having been selected, a solution,

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moved without undue disturbance of the parts. If no

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from this. The transference of nystagmus from one eye to

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red, covered with mucus. Red spots and points in stomach; mucous fol-

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men, viz.: — Samuel C. McWhirter, of Wilson county, Tennessee, and John

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them with adequate zeal and industry; I should not fail to remind you that

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compensatory damages it was to take into consideration the

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to run a large chance of being presently overtaken by

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On the Use of Camphor in Certain Affections of the Bespiratory Appa-

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nitrous oxid in these cases as a preliminary to ether.

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of the nasal mucous membrane or rupture of degener-

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Having shortly after received two patients with chancres on the penis, in

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phobia which could not be traced to a previous inoculation by a bite. Tra-


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