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Deltasone 10 Mg

and constant discharges to which he was sul»jected, I advised him

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captured by the Confederates, who had tried to render it useless by firing


Habitaf. — Tropical Asia and Africa, but cultivated in

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again to say to my pupils, there is perhaps no poition in tlie ivorld for

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Made by the action of a hot solution of sodium carbon-

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-ents in one preparation. The oil of valerian is a useful

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crystalline laminae, or a white, or yellowish-white, crystalline

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I. Bowditch, M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine. With additional remarks, or a brief Plea for an Ambu-

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The root of Rheum officinale Baillon (nat. ord. Poly-

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after removal of the fluid by aspiration. From .05-.1 gm. is

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de Thirapeutique for March, over the sijjnature of F., in an article on this

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Synonym. — Cascarillae cortex, B.P.; cascarille, Fr.; cas-

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organs, and in diminishing excessive sweating and mucous

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as much of the muscular substance of the limb as will completely cover

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are irritant to the skin, and still more so to raw surfaces and

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meaning of this paragraph is quite clear. When a man gives cer-

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digestion in the stomach, before much gastric juice has been

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in one or two instances, more prominent than natural; in one case,

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Dr. C. E. Ware. Siie was a widow, 36 years old, -who had suffered

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ish the ozonizing power of the blood, reduce the haemoglobin

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cheapness and al)undance of water, its ready power of mingling with

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the last month. As it showed no signs of softening, but was steadily


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