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Depo Provera Ectopic Pregnancy

facturing towns and villages we meet with typhus outbreaks

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obligations. The diseases referred to are small-pox, diphtheria, mem-

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so, the whole of the fingers are then thrown into a state of irregular

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the first half of the present century, but from 1865 onwards it

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paralysis and of the functional activity of tlie thymus are

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in the Adelaide Hospital. From 1886 to 1890 he was joint

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Short Sioht in School Children.-\n reply to Mr. R. Wallace, Mr. .\cland

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>'dvagt! "(Basulol.iudJ), Dr. Egau (.King Wiiliam'.s Tovvn), Dr.

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and hydrate of alumina wiien ingested. It has been proved

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tion ; and whether he would lav upon the tabic of the House the regu-

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notes referring to Dr. Ferrftn's method by Dr. Camer6n and

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On February 27th the Kev. Horace AValler, Rector of Twywell,

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number of the Fortnightly Revinv a very succinct account of

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A MEBTiNG of this District was held on March 28th at the

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added that he greatly regretted these repeated prosecutions and

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tural disease in which the symptoms are aggravated or otlier-

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C. Raymond. XIII. Odontology, Dr. A. Coulliaux. XIV. Military Medi-

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Mead gave a sketch of the great success which had already attended the

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made out, as just explained, Coptic" words, with similar

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keepers, who are not too scrupulous in their way of keeping

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lation and administration. Much useful information is also

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nances. The information regarding the various professoi ships is as

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for dinner and roast mutton for supper. ' Open time '

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of health at Oldham reports this week that of the patients

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sketches the present position of experimental psycliology,

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of 487, and Ireland 183 against 160 and an average of 166.

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but this is only occasionally seen. In tuberculous meningitis

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terest exhibited. Special mention might be made of beauti-



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