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extensive removal of the lymphatics, breast, fascia and muscles, failure

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proper digestion. Pitch rises with dulness. I learned

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iodoform was substituted for the carbolic oil dressing, and had

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paralyzed as a result of the destruction or interference

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and fauces woe red and punctated ; the tongue bright red,

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At this last sickness, I attended her about two months. Her health is

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that they sanctioned the compilation of Stebbins, I

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danger of infectious contamination so soon as the sewage

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ing the methods of therapy of any disease, that we sometimes, in the

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of Benjamin Thompson, travelling about the country,

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to be embarrassed : respiration was regular : he retained his appe-

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after having remarked that M. Pasteur had asked honors

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nides, Crustacea, moluscas, cephaiopodes, fish, amphibia, and mammalia.

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to describe; for lack of a better generalization we'll call

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test for hepatitis B surface antigen was negative. Echo-

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The general features of the embryo-hsematozoal stage of this parasite

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career — and both were earnest republicans — Rush

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3. Supplying the waste so produced by regular and excessive

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a true thirst fever produced in an unusual way. The view was also

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tinuation course in medicine at the University of Minne-

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it that its relative position admits of no change, and the circumstance

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iodine was painted upon them, the potassio-tart. of iron

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collection have appeared in the volumes of the Medical

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L897 a.— Steenstrup <Nat. Sc., Loud. (67), v. LI, Sept., pp. 159-1(55, port.

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every surviving member of the Medical Corps of the Southern

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zooiatro, Torino, v. 12 (23), 10 die, p. 455. [W m .]

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each case the coats of the artery were eroded evidently by the direct contact

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to make us think and there is an endless list of current topics

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tigation has demonstrated that complicated erysipelas is quite different

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changes into a uuclear spindle, which divides, after

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in 1890, in the " Annales de I'Institut Pasteur," and not to that described


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