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we have v/itnessed great benefits from balls made of v/hat is termea

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bacilli probably travel in the blood-stream to distant parts. In adults

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March 11th. Passed a tolerably good night; has less cough and irritation of

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A lady was about getting into a small boat to cros3 the Delaware ; but wishing first to get an

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ocular muscles Bv George T. Stevens, M.D., Ph.D. New

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but with too much activity of the sanguineous system for the suc-

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consisted in the administration of the fluid extract

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crowding", "condemned buildings" and "population" in this district

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and small blisters over the course of the most painful

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successful, operation after Paillard with chloroform.

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ward many of the other acute infections an infant presents a

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But neuralgia is no stranger in the abodes of misery and desti-

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Harris, K. P. Caesarean section by the bison's horn, 418.

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virtue by being placed for a time in a special position,

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by enveloping organs (lungs, heart, bowels, iris) and hamper-

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to the time of performing micturition should be inculcated. We

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It is generally recommended that the grafts be taken from the

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Report of Deaths, during the Month of January, 1887. By

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armies the extensive use of typhoid vaccines of varying antigenic value

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experience to use this instrument. When properly placed in the mouth it

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in the food ; thus hay and straw pass out of the stomach

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by the officers of this Bureau, in accordance with the act of Congress

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one of the membranes of the eye ; its inner surface

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distinction at least one year of chemistry in that school, and who is recommended

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Fig. 4. — Needle for suturing the faucial pillars.

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ever devoted to everyday, down-to-earth, shirt-sleeve

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April 3, when about one-quarter of the customary amount of alcohol

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Antacid, lithontriptic. Allays obstinate vomiting, is

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system should feel particularly interested. If it be believed by any con-

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Numerous elaborate essays have been written upon this subject ;

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(5) A spring clamp for closing the tube (rubber protected


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