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examine the multiplex " claims " that have been roped m

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may be found unessential. Tins is, however, not yet

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words, although in one town 23 persons per 1,000 die annually,

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leaving over one-half of these to be accounted for in

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tion would prove to be the result of spurious matter or of a vitiated sys-

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of the change in deformity is this, that when you are splitting your

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a comprehensive, descriptive and statistical report

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of to-day recognize in calomel, rightly used, an im-

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could be felt and seen denuded of its muscles, and its contiguity to the sides

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rapid passing off of earthy, vegetable, and animal impurities, which,

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s\.Y)h a position afterwards as will keep their extremi-

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2nd Edition. Wm. Wood and Company, New York, 453 pages.

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British and Foreign Medico- Chtrurgtcal Review, October, that Duchenne

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fruits or vegetables, caused the excess of phosphates in his urine, a

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Presidential Address at the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the American

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the ethmoid cells, and thence to the nose.^ Collections of

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being possibly at first very moderate, and apparently unimportant.

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degree of tension in the calf muscles, induces clonic contractions of the

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der Soma ? And Windischmann : Ueber den Somacultus der

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loses her lamb, milk her daily for a few days, mixing a

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of the urine; constipation of the bowels; the faeces are some-

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at 150 the Arcade until February 1, when he will occupy store room No. 36

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three years before. He insists upon greater care in the selection of cases,

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bones of the upper or lower jaw. The phosphorescence of


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