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occurred in any part of the cervical or dorsal regions, it is usual for

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medical advice a patient would get from a '• phy-

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in the experience of Sir Wm. Lawrence. M. Souls', (of Bordeaux,) in-

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determination is made, have been divided into objective or apparent, and

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vacant vessel, and left it on the sideboard as a convenient place, when

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Finally, I found, taking the actual number of days, that

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another stuay, a ncn-toxic water-soluble adjuvant (called Ileo-VJSA) derived

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the Council had any authority to entertain this question

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nished. Proprietary interests strictly non-professional. Two hundred patients admitted annu-

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Original Investigations. — In order to determine the

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Oh the queer things we do and the queer ways we live,

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tension, and more markedly so at the commencement than is ob-

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of the epidemic as a whole by administrative measures and by sanitary

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seen. It is well to bear in mind that although the cauda equina, being

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Having had good results in using peroxide of hydrogen

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another who chooses to gain a livelihood as one of our

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tem. This rule, if I have time to sjieak to you later,

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bid appearance, as for instance, of inflammation or

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there is an invasion of the spleen, by the same cells, from the

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Having reviewed some of the leading mental symptoms found

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spection in the old way by the ordinary practitioner would round out

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the blood traversing this vessel not to coagulate and not

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development of anemia following polycythemia may be explained

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receive more constant, careful and thoughtful attention

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that of a pullet's-egg, the great majority approximating the

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demonstration in the instructive experiments performed

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relieved by the antiemetic ondansetron and intraarterial

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lated hernia ; all that he could say was, that in such cases the manipulation might

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a temperature of 105°. There was no sign of mastoid

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the incompleteness with which these diverticuli are evacuated, they

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phenomena which are characteristic of hysteria. Then suddenly, perhaps,

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As a general rule, however, a given number of repetitions, more or

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incisions, quite as much blood often flows from tho vessels of tho

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We have noted at various times critidsms as to the or-

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able that spaces are left by the fusion of opposing prickle filaments

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A few days after the first application of leeches and poul-

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Hamilton, Surgeon-General of the Marine-Hospital Service, and pub-

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inch from tlie sharply-marked internal orifice of the urethra ;

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receptacle of the ingesta, is to be regarded as a glandular organ, furnish-

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tagious or not. This is a long list of the elements of which the

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vessel. Tlio initial lesion may not always bo detectable, but

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get ; Suprarenal Capsule in Rhinology, by McLeod Yearsley.


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