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Xhc field of battle, now shrank with horror from the touch and breath
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to their inquiries, that they are deliberately of the opinion that the pros-
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the discovery of the ansesthetic properties of chloroform. In 1875
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attached to his shirt several pieces of ammonia carbonate.
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I shall ever be grateful. Tours, under many obligations, and with sincere and thankful
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remedy. I asked iiim several questions concerning tho
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ardor never before witnessed. The preliminary courses which have
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mother's milk and camomile tea. This eye showed a staphyloma
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returns of the Kegistrars-General which impresses the public mind,
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by Klebs as existing in the exudation of pneumonia.
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showed marked improvement at once, and is convalescent.
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The strychnine should always be administered in the temple, and
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quent desire to pass water without the ability to do so, a
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tion of the respiratory sound to a loud, harsh, bronchial sound
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the possibility of this occurrence as the cause of death may be admitted,
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properties " of the unaffected are overbalanced by the affected;
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some hours afterwards; the pressure of the hand in examining it,
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artery had been injured. On the twenty-second it was,
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primarily rural and illiterate; 36% of men and 5% of
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normal amount as shown in the following table : —
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We are happy to be able to congratulate the friends
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to settle beyond any cavil all question as to the alleged
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which I prescribed, might prove beneficial. For the local affec-
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categorized by body system ond listed in order of decreasing frequency according to the following definitions: frequent odverse
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want of attention in the after-treatment; and in the other there
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hence beriberi occurs not unfrequently towards the close of the
it may be considered desirable that some portion of the
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gravity of the abdominal symptoms, the question that
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who had alreadj' recorded such cases (Valeix, F. von
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•(10) The blood pressure was but slightly reduced by small
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tural disease of the uterus e.g. fibroid tumour, polypus, or cancer
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very contentedly. He was allowed to sit up in bed to take his
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black alkali can be converted into the comparatively harmli
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stood by the animal, so much so indeed that from its behavior after the
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