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col. 492. For details see Worrell, in, 128. KBT, 633, explains : *«i6f\ i

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The case has progressed fitvorably ; the hgature came away

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The average weight of the horse's brain is 23 ounces. From the

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sindhu " p. 6. by Kaviraja Ume^achandra Gupta Kaviratna.

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The majority of men are out of breath from one day's end to another,

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Wihnington (N. C.) Board of Health and the Board of Education.

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gical treatment of rupture belongs to Mr. Tait. The sen-

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porated with the tissues. The discovery of the enzymes trypsin and

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may be. These are, first, simplicity of execution ; sec-

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amount as to act upon the brain in, so to speak, an explosive man-

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pain and distress, and occasionally, a large quantity

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decline in serum concentration slower than in patients

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Candidates who are interested in full-time careers of teaching and

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changes into a uuclear spindle, which divides, after

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" Court to which the medical profession can appeal is that which

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King Phillip le Bel undertook this task with barbar-

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juice in the digestion, and partly leave the body, as for

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the veins is the liver and the root of the arteries is the

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until it is of a rich brown, with no approach of black about

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vagina, thereby having one drainage from the gi'oin

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2d. The employment, in our apparatus No. 1, of a metal Screw Cap, fitting the neck of the

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an obstinate and painful cystitis. In the directions for

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prevent traction of the latter, which might renew and aggravate the

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exhibit a dose of castor oil. In the tropics, and in countries in which

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with Bernard Shaw we — the reviewer speaks for himself —

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objections — it must be acknowledged that in this instance the work

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these cases, where the surroundings rendered it impossible to

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soaked, as it were, in such a manner as to lead to the development

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But if, instead of attending to a favorable diet, and of thinking on the

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The question which is of much more importance is, how, when


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