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spanajmia, and loxa;mia ; 3, its influence on secretion by its supply to

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sudden closure of the orifice at which the murmur was produced ; it

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purposes of collecting money, educating nurses, preparing hospital

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The refusal of the British Government to allow unemployed army and

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to complete these arrangements, and wlien he lies down under his mat-

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covered with linen or lint wetted with a solution of five grains of

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disease. On the other hand, in isolated houses, well drained, supplied

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years respectively. All Scholars are exempt from payment of a moiety

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forating wounds of the joints ; but at first oil and carbolic acid were

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"There are many persons who do not appear to value health, if

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ledge. Newton himself probably never dreamt that his great discoveries

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Azof are compelled to undergo quarantine. The accounts which we

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There is one further point, among others, in Mr. Rawlinson's ad-

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'+W.ARiNG-CuRR-^N, J., Esq , appointed Medical Officer of the Mansfield Woodham

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to the respective merits of the Candidates, and without payment.

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further was required of candidates for diplomas than ability to answer

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Ransome, Arthur, M.D. On the Registration of Disease and Meteor-

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increased the number of students of pathology tenfold. The amount

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jaw on the right side, half of the soft palate, and the uvula, were torn

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payment of 70, 130, or 190 guineas, including library and lecture fees,

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Hospitals in the Mindeii during the war in Cliina, and is favourably

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inhabitants : their usual habit being to sleep on mats or straw on the

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Orthopaedic, 2 p.m. — Royal London Ophthalmic, 11 A.M. — Hos-

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and the President, he stated that patients had been kept under its in-

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Previous to its occupation, it was inspected by Mr. Cane, Poor-law In-

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prentice to a Fellow of the College, he must also produce his dis-

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Dr. Angus Fraser and Dr. Fiddes of Aberdeen, and Dr. Traill of


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