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Effectiveness Of Minoxidil And Finasteride

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the function of micturition can only be brought about by
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valueless, as it suggested that the deficiency in soda was due
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NoiJTH OF IKELAND Bkanch.— The Spring m'lpting Of this Branr-h will
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1859 to 1880. From 1872 onwards the statistics of the Metro-
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by a representation of the Mansion House Council on the
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pital in the provinces for the appointment of house surgeon.
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the English origin of the theory of water propagation of
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mai'lied hyperajslhesia of the right hand. The urine was
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iu which this accident is recorded death occurred Jfl,,^feWj
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On February 13th he began to pass a large jqnantity of
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the Eoyal Infirmary, Liverpool; £l,(iiX) to the Koyal Southera
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HoNEYWiLL, Silas, L.R.C. P. Edin.. M.R.C.S., appointed Medical Officer
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growth looked exactly alike in size (wlien the bowel was
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Ok the invitatiou of the <;ouncil of the Institute of Certificated Sanitary
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applied to lupus of mucous membranes. For lupus of the ala
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fore, after the longest interval. At Swansea the intervals
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Lettsomian Lectures before the Medical Society of London
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de 'd, for spcuring an accurate record of the causes of death in all cases,
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tion ; sufiicient data have not yet accumulated for a definite
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Honorary Secretaries: James Alexander Lindsay, M.D., 37,
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Edin. ; T. Abcher. M.D ; H.J. E. .Moberly, A P. Hart, MB.; H. J.
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The necessities of the ease, however, often demand a depar-
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Board approves what has been agreed on. Probably many
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mean death-rate was 19.8 per l,uou,and slightly exceeded the rate recorded
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the C.S. centres of the tongue and tlie gustatory centres?
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caustic, or when men are obliged to ladle out the boiling
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Officer of Health for the Tavistock Ruriil Sanitary District.
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a report in the hands of the printer. In replying, Mr. Biggs
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culty Mr. Ernest Hart's pamphlet would be an indescribable
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Bills Committee. A strong feeling was expressed that it was
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A case of myxcedema in a woman under the care of Professor
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both day and night, and found that it was habitually sub-
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allowances, which have in fact remained unaltered since 1879.
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