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Prognosis. — Where there is a little Trismus and the}- can eat a

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the early study of the physiological relations of these different

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gives rise to traumatic neurasthenia, or, as we have learnt

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29. Tuke, A. W.: "An Epidemic of Mumps." Indian Med. Gaz. Calcutta,

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tibility of the affected individual, the virulence of the invading

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article of Dr. Maclean {Ret^noldn'a St^sltm of Medicine, vol. ii.), who has him-

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source, not only of all phlegmasise and pyrexiae, but likewise of

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habit to keep an eye on the dog in the rearview mirror. After traveling a moderate distance, the

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had necrosis of right tibia. In November, 1882, was admitted

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disproportionate lymphocytosis; the lymphocytes were apparently susceptible to

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tiveness for this one existence. Ultimately, you must, if not in this,

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clusion that the theory must have been in all instances fallacious.

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Whalen Canon, July 18, 1894 (No. 519); Laramie Peak, August

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urine to betoken the amount of urine pigment excreted, and the

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ulceratcfl through the walls of the ductus choledochus

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thefe parts or thofe •, not meerly from the injury done

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pathologists tell us that in the normal brain there are forty-four

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so that there may be half a dozen paroxysms during the day. The

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was no back-stroke. There was also a distinct blowing

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Fig. 59.— Meadow fescue (Dickson). Fig. 60.— Tall fescue (Dickson),

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a thimble with the chimney flue at about one foot from the stove. I have

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•5(8) Ball, J. Notes of a naturalist in South America.

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going through the animal kingdom, and the human being contracts

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departments throughout the country. Through such measures we


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