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were in all probability examples of the enlargement of the liver."

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three-quarters of an inch, were sawn off from before backsvards,

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tals, who is willing to be referred to his own doc-

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of one of two factors, or a combination of both, namely :^

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association between thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, and cerebral

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within two years. Culbertson has gathered statistics of cases of

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But this murmur was detected in persons in whom no pulmonary

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*' Is it nothing to you, aU ye that pass by ? Behold and see if there be any

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he now exhibits are in certain respects peculiar. They are almost always

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also in respect of the lesions in the central nervous system.

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4. As antiseptic as well as modifying or alterative remedies, tar and

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tenth day with severe diarrhoea, stools slightly tinged with

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mine ; but the resulting issue, life or death, is intrusted to

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penetrating the vitreous humor. The opening made in the anterior

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jaws are opened and made to grasp the free end of the

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very singular affection. He is middle-aged unusually passionate, with

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