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Microscopically a metatarsal section showed the inner layers of the peri-

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to the stock owner. This volume presents many new suggestions

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year : President, F. Winsor, M.D. ; Vice-president,

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shown on the first slide. The vertical line of dots represents the dis-

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Mix the dissolved sugar, the lemon juice and milk. Stir

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the Journal, will be accorded full privileges of membership in the

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Ajit. YIIL — ^The Microscope in its application to Practical Medicine. By Lionxl Beale, M.B., Ac 1 86

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meningitis) by intracranial disease of the optic nerves or

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which offer a good prospect of isolating from water the cholera spirillum,

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tigers' claws, mustard seeds folded within a piece of birch bark

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1895, about 4 a. m. Complained the preceding day of colic, for which

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cases tuberculosis of glands following simple enlargement from some

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temperature of the water in the calorimeter has likewise a great influence,

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they do not come for relief till subjective phenomena present

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married tuberculous partners, and of the doctors and nurses attendant

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Hospital, Fort Schuyler, N. Y. Harbor, Eoberts Bartho-

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inadequate, and the articles bear evidence of the efforts of the writers to

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tion exists, there exists also deoxydaticm, and the latter is as much a

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sequent liability to disease from weak organs, is called a

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ended with the sixteenth or seventeenth year. At no one time

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Wood alcohol is used frequently in the preparation of varnish and

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for instance the Concentrated tincture, B. W. and Co. and Digitol,

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inducing agents as a consequence of genetic changes that

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Surgeon S. B. iHvls, U.8.y., has relumed fh>m leave of absence, and

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is mixing it with water, one pound of poison to two hundred

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sence of the physician. If it should be necessary I


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