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on June 1, 1901) has been recently confirmed in the case of Nycticebus

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demonstrate that a disease is caused by a specific microorganism, is as

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said accusation and notification to be served and returned to

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midwives themselves. The author gives a most lucid account of the

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sued by some of the most successful raisers of live stock, we shall

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Every one who will examine under a miscroscope the contents of a bubbling

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ised, as the physicians considered their patients beyond the

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work of erecting a Sanatorium at Market Gate, Fifeshire, to

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reigned among the Christian sects — dissensions that filled a great part of

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clusion that after the third year very little, if any, of the acquired

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tightly in the trachea, permitted quite an amount of

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Case 3. — (W. M. 197121). Secondary {?) acute purpura hemorrhagica with

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administration of glucose, are due to delays in absorption rate rather

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this accident remained a secret in his bosom. It occurred in

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medicine given is an experiment, as it is impossible to predict in

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This affection is a motor neurosis ctaracterised by sudden shock-like

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perience and, ultimately, their desire for government regu-

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familiar in inoculations with our artificial cultures of the pyogenic cocci

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that a low degree of power to resist tuberculosis may run in families,

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drink. The child's neck is surrounded by chains of enlarged

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appointed House Surgeon of the Montreal General Hospital,

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"Theodore R. Noyes and George E. Cragin, both alumni of the children's

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different characteristics of each animal, that no food goes to waste.

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that when the ovaries are removed the uterus has become

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ance of all the emotions. The emotions of the soul are so varied it is

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lished at Cambridge by Mr. Sedley Taylor in 1907 — that

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the condition when the thousands of kinds of plants, some


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