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save eyes which would otherwise have been lost. The most

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methods of decorating the slide after the preparations

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plate, and a hip (human) truss.' Should constipation be thought

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for the treatment of insured persons. The opportunity

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ment of palmonary tubercles daring convalescence are two points which the

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thicker (hyperkeratosis), imparting a “dry” or scaly appear-

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and they are thoughtlessly emptied behind the privy, or, if in the

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admirable talents as a lecturer we cannot sufficiently praise.

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matter to the proof. The two following are to the point: —

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somewhat accentuated ; lungs are normal. The splenic

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half a bucket of water, which the horse will drink. In the course

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Johns Hopkins University; M.D. 1982, State University

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from a study of twenty-two recorded cases, that the results are unsatis-

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As we have not had opportunity personally to study cultures from pneumo-

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He whose mouth smells of a bad breath, is one of a corrupted

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and united effort. To this end, if the good is to be permanent, the

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In the chapters on digestion and metabolism, we have followed the

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Bandage for the Finger. — Begin with two or three turns about the

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first to be made in such a type. A noteworthy clini-

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recognises no uniformity of doctrine, but a uniformity of facts, and, still more, of method.^

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arranging them according to their rapidity of growth, disposition

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Although awake the patient is insensible, and surely dies. In other cases

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less count enan ce._ These cases usually follow long-continued^~oJorrlioea,

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marked exacerbation of the naso-pharyngeal catarrh.

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immobile cancer of the cervix, witli invasion of the fornices and

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the week ending at noon, August 23, 1899, there were

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