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weigliing 14?, ounces. Tlie clamp was left on for thirty-sLs

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the solid parts, but in the blood also. This matter, according to

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not it really amounts to precisely the same thing as if

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Volunteers (South Lancasfiire Regiment) ; Surgeon-Major (ranking as

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to his previous offer. He stipulates that the work of exten-

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the reasons he alleges being that he was suspended before the Local

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centres may be thus afi'ected seems to be proved by those

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tion," to an anonymous letter in a contemporary. In that

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with concentrated copper sulpliate solution for twenty-four hours it loses

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Dr. HoiaAT? Owen , read this paper, and showed several

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sons without any technical knowledge.— Sir G. Treveltan ; The constitu-

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appearances presented could only be explained by the suppo-

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Dr. Stowell Rogers, this sentence appeared: "Mr. Tait

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that puncture does effect a cure in a certain number of cases.

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Campbell .' Intestinal Parasites belonging to the Class

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simple one, and by expressing its character according to some

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The one hundred and twentieth anniversary of the Jledical

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was then detached by the tinger; the uterus was lirmJy grasped by Mr.

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Skin, Blackfriars, 4 p.m.- Dr. Payne : Vegetable Parasitic

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•oiinpletel>; disappeared. Some si.x moolhs subsequent to the operatioa

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of two little streets in the neighbourhood of the Pitie Hos-

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the question which of them is the legal board may have to be

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more slowly one works, the more insoluble in sodium carbo-

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colonels, but having on their cards the titles of surgeon-general and

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rates from cancer are among the highest in any countries.

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two catheter traps at the very neck of the bladder. These

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berthy, London. (R) Dr. A. Buffer, London ; Royal Statistical

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that the two materials of which it is composed are chemically

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lias all the machinery to form the nucleus at least of a noble

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ment in 11 ; a stationary condition in 3, deterioration in 10, a

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removal by the dissection I am about to describe, in 7 normal

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apparatus which were absolutely necessary in order that a

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dressers, who attend to the new cases. The remainder of the

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■which has been swallowed immediately after "the operation.

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dentist does not afl'ect the question of the imprudence of attempting to

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to insist upon his absolute right and be refused, it would be

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affecting the bones), discharges of a foul character from the

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1892.)— If the object of this little work was to present the sub-

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biography from the pen of Sir Henry Acland, Regius Professor

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