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medial measures directed to this state would afford an
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cases of general debility of middle aged women were helped by
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not a complication of anterior urethritis. The treatment
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that used in the preceding experiment. At the end of three quarters
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description. Perhaps I might say that I regard the bandage as a
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having been demonstrated for typhoid Asiatic cholera pneumococcus infec
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mechanism of dilatation in some instances at least is not called into
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Mice sensitized by an injection of. cc. of rat blood and days
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riding atoDg the cobbld stoues in their golf suits in
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proceeded to select them and selected them just as carefully
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and bad ventilation. Pure air light warmth and comfort are
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From two to three weeks after the disappearance of local symptoms.
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exclusively from the eastern portion of the State therefore be it
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Although my present purpose is to bring forward a new method
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visible around their base. Such patients generally die unless
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Economy of Proper Medical Treatment Paul B. Magnuson
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aggravated. An appreciable amount of halting in the right leg and
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always be considered as evidence of an obsolete tuberculosis.
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would be abhorrent to people if they could foresee them
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has added a valuable tool to the clinical armamentarium
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of forum very difficult to rebut. He stated that most of the
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glions. Occasionally houever the inflammation of the ganglions
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and earlier they were also every day longer and more violent being attended
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admitted. The pneumothorax was well borne but the fluid reaccu
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fellowMsreatnre what the nature of the malady was is not disclosed but
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Agitation ceases during sleep and it may be diminished when the
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Erythema liseinorrliagic occurring in a case of Briglit s disease
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ural sources and bodily exercise a part of each day s
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great difference between furuncular eruptions and those
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futile plan we have seen recommended and practised in some cases
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and the origin of the pyramidal tract for the cord and Arnold s
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fairly abundant in the epithelial cells of the cardiac glands and is
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ing to any odd calling being appointed to do work essen
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quired in collecting them to obtain their virtue. Clip off
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of their hooks and sucking discs penetrate the brain substance
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flap raised. This flap was buttonholed to permit of its re
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Moro investigated tlie complement content of infants
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speak much in favor of the intense eftect of the calomel. The
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negatively chemotactic action on the eosinophile as well as the neu
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Clinical Notes on Chancre of the Tonsil with Analysis of
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We would request our contributors to forward their com


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