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many years, been brouglit to bear distinctly on any one individual
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serpiginous syphilide where the cartilage of the concha tragus
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Is it not time for introspection? Is it not time that we were doing a
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there are no organic lesions found, the history of the cas^
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logical and clinical research. In this part of the work, however, as well as in the second
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states. From its original thirteen members, it can now boast of
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sity of limiting the term cretinism strictly to those cases
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man, Mrs. Drake Mills, Miss M. Duncan, Miss Mariah Moulton and Mrs.
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that their role is primary. Hanot's early hypothesis of a primary
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acute nephritis. I was hurriedly summoned six hours after first visit,
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may not at some time or in some way act on tbe Qervous
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becomes rapid and feeble, the action of the heart weak, faint, and irregular,
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Diocia, Milchella Repens, Caulophyllura Thalistroids,
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Bechmann. Chas. Richard, graduate of Rush Medical College, 1896.
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an ulcer in its incipiency. Statistics show that most cases are


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