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a recent fracture of the patella should be always wired,
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hair, but in the last three years it had remained stationary at the length
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of the " Physiological Anatomy," are known to all of you. Dr.
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tion of the epithelium and to exudation. There is a foetid smell from
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of irritation at one sitting. These are, as already indicated, four in
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ment for 50 patients, so as to provide for the case of the field
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two that the Athenseum has transferred all its medical
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Practically all of one day will be devoted to consideration of the
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Dr. Wille has collected 77 cases, 11 of which were under his own observation.
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muco-purulent opthalmia, and it is not unlike the Egyptian
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the proper methods to be adopted are detailed in the
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years, the longest recorded in authentic history, fell
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will be built on a site given by the county and city of Albany, adjoining
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less, earth-born denizens of the outer world, or unwelcome
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enlarged middle lobe of the prostate was cut out. Patho-
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Winter Rules; Walk Erect; How to Wash ; How to sit; Win-
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Temp. Capt. Robert Rutherford, M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps.
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liver 1 2 3 4 and an effective fraction of liver, either of which can
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to bring the wound together, dressed it with salve, and
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crease in the amount of albuminuria. This effect of testicular
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cloth should be secured by carrying the wire several times around
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return of the conspicuous symptoms. The sudden occur-
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again were equal to a rattah, or a seed of the gunja
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a great bluster, and was food for those idle minds, who
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of the disease as well as of the individual were pre-
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not have another outbreak ? If it is true, as claimed, that the dis-
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been undergoing a term of imprisonment for embezzlement, and
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fessional connection with many other foreign Ambas-



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