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I. Polyneuritis in Relation to Gestation and thePuer

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rooms etc. all of which necessarily imply many contraven

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the action of the ciliary muscle but it cannot always be

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cervix or fundus. Cases of ovarian origin were. believed not to be

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rooms etc. all of which necessarily imply many contraven

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tance into the air tubes and the presence of ciliated epithelium are serious

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and death has usually been from local recurrence. These facts

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there had encamped previously a regiment of cavalry in which there

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some portion of the genito urinary tract. It must not be forgotten that

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of a peculiar sour odor. Sudaminal and miliary vesicles are abundant the

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only hemoglobinuria which disappeared after a day or

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impermeable to acetone bodies. Also sodium bicarbonate seems

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cut State Medical Society died April at the age of.

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and by these circumstances they are influenced viz. by the struc

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swab directly after it had been rubbed over the suspected

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attack purpura in a second ordinary urticaria in a third angioneurotic

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ing note was made by Dr. Thayer Complexion very sallow

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tionship to the prevention and treatment of caries. J Can Dent Assoc

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more and let them work together and drink a draught of

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time the sj mptoms are usually not well marked and it may easily

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Philadelphia for One Dollar a year also furnished gratcitouslt to all

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The gastric juice exerts an attenuative action on the rabic virus

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in cases of neuralgia. It consists of parts of at least



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