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X. B. H.— Such an announcement on placard or window as that Dr.


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place through arrest of the respiration. In small doses

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Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, was celebrated ou

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comes on slowly, and may last for the rest of the patient's lifetime.

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The persons attacked were all inhabitants of a part of the town occupied

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organise the disinfection of the Lille prisons. He reports

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binations by refusing to extend to medical officers of such

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and loins, with occasional vomiting, constant nausea, and

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maining twenty-seven cases, six (Fraentzel'Sjtwoof Lefebvre's,

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Physicians : Dr. Thornley Stoker, Vice-President of the

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from without, particularly by cancers of the uterus or ovaries. In

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We are, therefore, now better enabled to understand what the ori-

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that no subscription should be sent, but that the Branch, in

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should always be treated by administrations of mercurial laxatives,

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Ifjr rinulation, provided always that the reaction from the impres-

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front. With medium-sized effusions this line begins lowest behind, and

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fracture or other cause of local inflammation, the application of ice-

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The exaggerated hopes to which the premature announce-

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will be charged for the space occupied in the different Sec-

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One of the most severe cases of suppuration in joints that I have met

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of fact, only one of them has a single imprint of the human mind in it.

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removal of nasal polypi, or by operations which rectify abnonnalities

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pensing and selling poisons, and there is every renson that

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(363) <;onorrlioea nf n4'li%-<'rT : Siibsecaaent

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Secondly, the wife of an ofticer living in the barracks at-

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the metropolis when sufTering from fever, diphtheria, or,

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fee. Tliese examinations escape all chance of inspection. The

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the roots of the facial nerves, and subsequently join the

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it was continuous with the uterus ; sound passed ^ inches.

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autumn, ranges according to the basis of computation adopted from 4, son

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swellings may be dangerous to life in some situations, for 2 dcathft

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pitals of the Metropolitan Asylums Board in the first half of

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in Ordinary. Applications to the Secretary by June 21st.

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were removed by subcutaneous injection of the latter. He

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plained by the peculiar properties of the bacillus itself in the changes

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then dined together, under the presidency of Mr. Power and

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thus becomes the adrenal gland, to be situated upon the upper extrem-


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