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Antidote For Mestinon

tiles or stone, sometimes earth, and sometimes nothing at
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Wanstall, on the other hand, reports that the number is not neces-
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usually in the morning hour, up to the 18th inst. On that date
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After they are rolled, they may be coated with gelatin, sugar,
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the clothing of the patients has to be repeatedly renewed to
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Albuminuria associated with organic disease of the kidney is of a
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O — 1^ rH t~ 00 00 "O • -r.! .rlrH . O n CO CC CO •* 00 > pi 11 CI n ri •«
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and drink, be not observed, these patches may be gradually ex-
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cedema in which the branching cells of the new con-
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■ up or down stairs. This increased to such a degree
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Franklin, is nearly as good for an invalid as healthy weather.
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the case, it is due to the relieving' officer. Immediately Dr.
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will go abroad early this month to study in Germany for two
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irritating, and exhausting the stomach by its efforts to get rid of it, and
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too adherent, he suggests as a medium oxide of zinc (60 parts), and
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is constipation, and in other cases diarrhoea, the latter being due to intes-
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is at the present time, I understand, perfectly well. The pathological
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swollen epiglottis, upon the lingual surface of which on one side near
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iu England it has been exceedingly prevalent and wide
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greatest ambition; the Greatest Ambition, production and evinced its author to be not
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raisers is to the effect that the disease is amenable to treat-
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against a wall or side of a doorway, most commonly the latter,
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able statement that, in the case of a wound of the intestinal
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London; Joints, Henry Morris; Muscles, by J. W. C. Davies Colby, F. R. C. S.,
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was paid on this before claim day. The physician's account
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develop into a cutaneous tab, mentioned under that variety.
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plan. — Discussion sur la ti^vro typhoide. Lyon ni6d.,
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lias studied the subject witli an adniirablo care, is against this belief. —
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of a food may be consumed in digesting it. It has also been proven by
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the prevalent tendency to deduce the therapeutic effects
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same disease; unless it may serve to abridge the history of this
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and we have some very useful remedies to combat this in Lycopodium^
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fice with the cautery. Among 18 injections of turpen-
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12 months, in which there was no lesion of the larynx, and no paralysis
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by it. There were no adhesions between the tumor and other abdom-
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