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extreme degree of prostration and loss in weight is very atypical

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deprecated the method of trusting to lieutenants and followers

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January 3 (fifth day). — Pulse, 110; respiration, 32; temperature,

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c. Diagnostic Criteria. These streptococci are identified on

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or if his own experiments had reached into the domain of ob-

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tide of doubts by assuming the authoritative air of the master ;

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anointed with some antiseptic ointment, boric acid and vaseline being a

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copper sulfate solution held by each of these bottles

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reached its maximum practically every cell of the epithelium

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Drs. Talbot, Conrad Wesselhoeft, and Horace Packard.

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In the above example, the acute phase specimen neutralized

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lymph), and are life-endangering. Sources of material for labora-

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for plasma C0 2 capacity (par. 213), and employs 3 ml

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well-established a fact as the divisibility of matter to one who has

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manual, yet we can discover, after careful examination, but very

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must be regularly percussed to see that no accumulation occurs. The

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cence is of diagnostic significance. Serum titers obtained by the

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liquids and soft sohds at least five times a day, with attention

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About fifteen years ago the appearance of a general macular

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same who compiled that admirable and thoroughly homoeopathic

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well, without cough or dyspnea, and able to perform laborious

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Now, would it not be well to turn our attention from the

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gatherings and deliberations ; as physicians we shall miss him as a judicious and

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Physician to Out-patients, Massachusetts General Hospital.

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e. If tuberculosis is suspected, culture on an appropriate me-

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This boring pain is noticed also as occurring in the left


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