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As regards the cerebral cortex the interesting feature is the

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remittent. The remissions are however sometimes obscure and

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If one should wish to render the theory of this treatment

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tions and general nervousness must of course receive due attention

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in some cases of great obscurity the diagnosis may be

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It will be ofaeerved that I gave over oorreotion. The

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there was little or no urobilin and much melanin with

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these savans collectively and the report drawn up by M. Magendie. Before

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with overfatigue occupational strains cold and exposure and

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and reaching down to the cartilage of the sixth rib of

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The Committee of Revision is at present constituted as follows

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less may get entirely well but if a do nothing treat

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have been cauterization of the vesicles after removing their

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culations with less imposing figures but with positive exact

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previous night from a pain and fluttering in her abdomen like

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cases of genu valgum in children under fourteen years of

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ago he was instructed by the managers of the Infirmary to com

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through the effects to which they give rise. There may be olfac

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Suggestion. By C. Lloyd Tuckey Member of the Medico Psycho

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study and treatment of insanity than by the presence of a clinical class

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he must be tired of the vocal responses obtained from the boys

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before death she became icterode. The color deepened and at the

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transferred to Hartford Hospital. Upon transfer she was

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bacteria that a liquid prepared to contain a certain number of bacteria per

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Diagnosis and Prognosis. Since salivation is only a symptom

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the British Navy and Sir Thomas Brassey says that the

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tube ten inches long and three quarters of an inch wide

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Remarks. Five of these cases only fell under Kopp s own observa

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from rheumatic fever and that he had suffered from joint pains

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The Graduate School catalog describes the graduate courses and electives which

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collapse the less done the better. If the pulse gradually lose volume

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mediate nature and causes of these affections but when deter


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