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bad food, impure air, confinement, deficiency of light, long-con-

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valuation of organic molecules in vitro. Within the last ten

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an immediate resort to manual rectal exploration in

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one such institution, it should be located in the central part of

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it has been shown previously, that foremost amongst the symp-

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intellectual interchange among the different ancient

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and night for several days. The subsequent treatment is

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4. Rempel D: The lead exposed worker. JAMA 1989; 262:532-534

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twenty-fiA^e years, but as she believed in " faith healing " had refused

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Men of this class do not persuade thoughtless and indiscreet young women

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the ulnar nerve was found to be only partly severed, and was

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employed partially inflated bladders with success, as a support

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•561 Balfour, J. H. Introduction to the study of palaeont-

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take the place of a good index. The publishers have

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ber of applicants are examined. Secondly, very radical changes

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the prime of life," like the unfortunate victim of quackery referred to.

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been as large as that produced from the small potatoes

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ditions, the separate growths spreading peripherally, and forming by their

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though his own life be called in sacrifice thereby, he dare not

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The cerebelliun of lower urodeles has long been known to be in

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York State, by V. A. Moore, M.D. Proceedings of the American Veterinary

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doubtless, other and more temperate opinions, which, after the first

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"The Witness" is "A Paper devoted to the Dissemination

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or across the body, limbs, &c, the openings of entrance and exit

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going to make another bid for victory, and our spirits revived

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last December, elicited the fact that no return of the

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Physiology and general and morbid Anatomy in King's College, London.

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the truth and error of various views appear to counter-


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