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Lnnii^i J^*' ;i "K^ifllng. scabblno^raolst dfschar^s. scratching, shedding thaffs

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Ni^. Sut tNre aft ^rtafit ^iMrtl instroctlffiis om^mlnf iH^ylnf writinq a cmt-

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is wholly unable to write spontaneously or from dictation, except that he can

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Cuthbert Colhngwood, M.B. Oxon., 15, Oxford- street,

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tearing or as if the head were pressed together from without, or as if it would

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hospital. On the hypothesis of a possible toxic influence in the aetiology, free

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Fellowship, — A candidate for the Fellowship of the Faculty as

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. te«H«rature ll1bo2J'IJ»'?! "'^^'^ evaporated, it is routed to tanks where the ,

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of nourishment. That an increase of adipose tissue may arise from over-

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',2} Raw milk may be passed through a separator to procfuce standardized .mi U;

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pears on the opposite side. By alternately fixing the gaze on one or the other

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Tutorial Classes in Chemistry, Zoology and Botany, each 10s. 6d.;

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Xenophon. (4) Arithmefcio; and Euolid, books i.— ii., or Algebra, as fiur aa

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logy* three on Practical Anatomy^ (with dissections), two courses on

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pupils of the medical officers. For particulars address the Treasurer,

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(2) This type will ,be done If the origin Inspection mbs occoi^llshed by the

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difficulty of an accurate microscopic examination of the brain, it is not strange

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Besides electrical treatment, methodical gymnastic exercises of the mus-

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pression, the tendency to complain and be querulous, and also the great ob-

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may refuse food absolutely ; the tongue is coated, the saliva scanty and viscid,

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ease is not recognized at so early a period; but this is no proof that the disease

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duction of the different qualities of sensation, for the coordination of move-

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and Algebra as far as simple equations inclusive. (8) The whole of Arithmetio,

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its vicinity. Here prolonged observation is frequently needed, until finally

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was not extensive enough to cause any symptoms, or the brain exercised that

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student who has failed the examinations once there is a fee of $10; if the student has

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Z'i^L ?! '''Jt?^ ''""^^'^ CDnce."1ng the way in whlch^hul^ning take p ace. th^

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sequent favorable course of the disease indicated that we were dealing only with

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memory, is diminished, and he very often becomes extremely anxious on this

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physician the possibility of the existence of diabetes. They are (1) languor

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thrombosis. Flexner and Lewis have proved conclusively that the disease

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Symptomatology. — The increased frequency of the pulse and the morbid

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are therefore radiating pains, either persistent and burning or paroxysmal and

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any of our limbs without the help of our eyes, and of the extent of any motion

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their use In fetemlnlno saaple sl ic an ^ selection and contract eegcliattce.

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In each, class a weekly examination is lield to test tlie progress of the


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