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Subscription Tekms : $5.00 per year, in advance, ]>ostage paid,

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perhaps, the best possible in a hospital and he felt

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November 4-5— Drug Therapy. Seattle. Thurs-Fri. Contact: U/W

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for it might have been uraemia or cerebral haemorrhage. He

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wounds and injuries. Lesions of bones, joints, nerves, muscles,

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This substance. No. 131, had the following composition.

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from hemiplegia weakness of apoplectic origin, one leg may be affected

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verted bowel ; and the production of an artificial anus in hernia

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ant's counsel proposed to enter upon the enquiry with each of

can i take two 2 mg valium

the women. The sincerity and endurance of the Anglo-Saxon, the

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progress of science are even yet meeting with obstacles

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The work cannot fail to be of special value to den-

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to better colleges are awarded to those with good grades.

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the allopaths in combating syphilis. Should they not be indicted

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vide an identified pool of potential subjects who would be

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majority of the troops. It is also noteworthy that the symptoms

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the register vested in the council. As the clause reads at pres-

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droplets of thick sputum. Vincent's experiments seemed to prove

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dwelling in big towns, in large or small streets, in damp

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functions of excretioi^|^ those, by which the parts of

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distinguishes them by the designation of Gliococcal forms, and


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